Ludivie Faith Dagmil

Do Best. Aim High.
Last year, I didn’t work hard on my studies which resulted on my low grades. I regret it and blame myself. So, this school year, I want to improve my grades by 101%. To do that, I shall first set a goal. Because it’s always better to have a reward for your hard work. As the school Starts, I shall have prepared everything I need. From pen to books, because a winning effort begins with preparation. I also have to participate more in class, because participation shows that I am active and paying attention which results in high scores in tests. And I need to study also at home to help me remember our lessons much longer and understand it more. If I’m having trouble with some topics I shall not hesitate to ask my teacher or someone to help me clarify things. I shall have enough rest and don’t have to push myself too hard if my brain is already tired; I need to relax sometimes. And most importantly, I must have determination to do well. I have to balance my time and also need to go out sometimes with my friends. I have to remember that there are also important things in my life to give attention to.
Ludivie Faith Dagmil
2nd Year
General Santos City National High School

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