Liam criticizes the Channel 4 because of this controversial ‘Crazy about One Direction’ show

Hi guys! Cleo here. I really miss blogging some stuffs about and and etc ( 🙂 ) but here I am ready to share some news regarding with the happenings in One Direction Fandom.

So this is it.

Betcha know here that some of you watched Channel 4 ‘Crazy about One Direction’, right? Even though I didn’t watched that show last night, because my instinct told me that ‘you might get hurt‘. But I really feel bad to my sisters (directioners) about this news.

It is such a horrible reaction if a show, as in a documentary show mocks against the fans or people right? I really hate people who might assume (in a negative way) others that these or those people were psychopathic, as if these (media/channel/network) people try to discriminate other’s reputation. I was really offended by Channel 4, and all I can say is BULL SHIT.

But thanks to superdaddy Liam, He saved us from sudden danger. He’s the best superhero after all.

ILY LIAMAnd aside from the controversial news about the Channel 4, I really want to clarify if people in this generation were totally nuts. You know what guys, if you can understand one’s feelings, how they interact with others NOT IN A ‘BITCHY/PLASTIC’ way, how they also understand other’s feelings, with no hesitation, you can already figured it out that “He’s a gentleman or a superhero or hero” or what, or in short, he’s not that man with prick attitude as you assume before.  Daddy Liam or Liam Payne from One Direction is effin the best superhero in the world. Can others (celebrities) do that to their fans? SERIOUSLY NO. Well how about Liam and the other members of One Direction (Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Harry)? Did Liam use Twitlonger after that some (fake and bullshit) fans tweeted that he must not included in the M&G  picture taking? WELL ITS A BIG YES! Just like Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry, first of all, they respect their fans. And why is everybody are heels over head to 1D? Because THEY CAN’T CHANGE. If they are that person who loves cracking jokes, wearing plain shirts, band shirts, and etc., well even though they’re the most famous boy band in this world, Liam is still Liam, Niall is still Niall, Louis as Louis, Zayn as Zayn, and Harry as Harry. This is why I love them. I have thousands of reasons why I love them from the bottom of my heart. One thing that I only want on my life is just to meet my best idols. REAL FANS DESERVE TO MEET THE BOYS.

I know that this blogpost must be related to the controversial news between C4 and Liam Payne and the Directioners. But since I was reading some tweets about this issue, I really felt bad for my sisters but I was so happy that He SAVED US. I love you and thank you very much Liam.



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