The Secret Meaning Behind “Best Song Ever”

So this is one of the blogs that I’ve been managing of. Well, since I’m a DIRECTIONER, and this is one of my fave topics in this blog, well, enjoy reading this one (if you are interested 😉 ).

too many boybands.

Well, another week had already accomplished by us, Directioners, RIGHT? Being successful in breaking this “Most Viewed Video within 24 hours” feels like we’re the BEST FANDOM EVER. Well, it doesn’t mean that it is a sort of ‘boastfulness’, but the reason why we accomplished this record is that because of our full packed cooperation.

Best Song Ever. Well, some people thought that this song, nor the music video is all about those hangouts, parties, or whatever that others will assumed about this video. This isn’t just a typical music video, yet there’s a meaningful ‘meaning‘ why these lads taking on some alter ego roles, just like Nialler, who acts as ‘the record executive’, Louis as ‘the label boss’, Zayn as ‘the SEXY assistant’, Harry as ‘the marketing guy’, and Liam as ‘the camp choreographer’.

It wasn’t all dressing up and having fun and Ben Winston – who…

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