One Direction.

To those who still didn’t know about One (freaking) Direction, a.k.a “bubblegum pop band (heh)”, well, to inform you, please read this one 😉
Thanks and God bless 🙂
|C x|

too many boybands.

So hi guys. Cleo here. WELL LET ME EXPLAIN MY THOUGHT ABOUT THE PHOTOS BELOW RIGHT NOW, I, CLEO, AM READY TO SMASH OUR PC’S LCD MONITOR. [insert fangirl language here] So that’s it. I don’t want any sermons right now, since I’m already posting these oh-so-hot photos of One Direction. 🙂


[insert fangirl language here] So first of all, I wanna introduce to you, Zayn Jawaad Malik. OMG. I know he’s hot (neh). So, he is the Bradford bad boy who is actually, a vain, shy, yet an attractive Muslim hottie.

He has attractive hazelnut eyes, aquiline nose, perfect cheekbones (heh), kissable lips (ohh), and of course, HIS KILLER SMILE. No need to describe him more, ’cause I know, right now, if you’re reading this well, God bless you.

Ok so he’s already 20 years old (born January 12,1993), he has 3 sisters, Doniya, Waliyha, and Safaa (these…

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